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Ibrahim M. Al Wahaibi’s establishment has introduced contracting as one of the main activities and strongly proceeded to engage in this area, allowing it to prove competence in this sector in the Kingdom and in a short time, has carried out a large number of government and private projects, to earn the trust of all those who have been dealt with and the establishment has acquired third classification in the field of road construction, despite the limited time period in this sector, due to the  huge fleet of heavy equipment and highly qualified engineers and technicians and specialists team and to serve this area, the establishment has  expanded in activities related to contracting to include:


Road construction:

A department in charge of planning, design and execution of project related road networks. This department has achieved great success , the most prominent results was third classification in the field of road construction by Contractors’ Classification agency. This departments has divisions :

The technical division :Planning and design of roads and streets.

Survey division: Determining axial lines of roads and take the levels of the Earth’s natural class infrastructure and contour lines and others.

Quality Control and Laboratory division: Handles choice of material for the substrate layer and subcutaneous basis in accordance with the approved specifications and conduct soil tests and field tests to make sure of achieving the best possible quality of work

Earthworks division: Handles he execution of excavation and backfill and rock drilling and rock strata.

Execution division: Handles the methods of execution according to approved designs and specifications .

2-Water and sanitation

This division, along with its specialization in execution of water extensions and sanitation projects, it includes also plant treatment of underground water for customer supply needs drinking water.

3-Electricity works

This division was established based on KSA’s development in in recent decades in the field of roads and infrastructure and the expansion of projects.

4- Asphalt works:

The establishment owns 3 plants  for the production of high-quality asphalt , distributed for serving the projects, and relies on providing asphalt in all its forms including:

– Riyadh Al-khabraa  plant of 2 plants for the production of asphalt.

-Oqlat Al-soqoor asphalt plant.

5-Concrete works

The ready-mixed concrete plant provides client’s needs  and concrete projects for high-quality products using the finest raw materials and the latest mixers and equipment under management of a group of engineers and specialized technicians

6- Crushers

These crushers provide raw materials for road construction projects, the raw materials needed for plants producing asphalt and ready-made concrete.

The most important Clients

– Ministry of transport

– Ministry of municipal and rural affairs

– Al-khorafy Company

-Saudi Bin Laden Group

The most important achievements


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